Custom web apps, hosted and maintained

ByteApps are custom web applications, built, deployed and maintained by ByteAble.


Custom Web Applications

ByteApps are web applications, built by us to solve your problems.
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Unique Problems need a Unique Solution

Stop trying to shoehorn existing packages into your business. Stop using Excel "databases" to manage your work. Let ByteAble build you a custom solution so you can focus on what matters.

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Hosted and Maintained

ByteApps are deployed, hosted and maintained by us. You don't need to worry about installing and updating software, or providing remote access when you need support. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

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Save Time and Money

Many employees spend too much time bogged down completing tedious (but often required) tasks daily. A custom soluton can take that Excel report that takes 3 hours and automate it down to a single click, saving you time (and money) every day.

We Use The

Latest Technologies

We build software on the latest frameworks, providing fast deployment and simplified maintenance and future upgrades.

Need to add a new field? No problem.

Want to add a view for your customers? Done.

Client Side

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Server Side

  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL

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